The Cadillac New Car Warranty

January 12th, 2021 by

What does it cover?

There are four main parts of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty:

Bumper-to-Bumper, that covers the entire vehicle with exceptions for wear items like tires, brakes, wipers and of course scheduled maintenance. Powertrain, which covers the engine, transmission and “Drive Systems”, which means things like axles, driveshafts, differentials and other components that actually propel the vehicle. Sheet Metal, that covers the metal panels that make up the body of the car, and finally Emission System which covers the systems that keep whats coming out of the exhaust pipe within limits set by the government.

How long is the coverage?

Most of us are familiar with the Bumper-to-Bumper limits of 4 years or 50,000 miles as the time and mileage limits of the New Car Warranty. However, just as important are the Powertrain limits of 6 years 70,000 miles, because they are the same term and mileage for coverage by the Cadillac Roadside Assistance Program! The Sheet Metal part of the warranty has two parts: the Corrosion coverage which is for 4 years or 50,000 miles, and the Rust-through portion which is for the first 6 years with unlimited mileage.

What is important for me to know?

The most notable parts of the Cadillac New Car Warranty is first, it is transferable at no cost and second, all warranty repairs are covered for both parts and labor with zero deductible.

It is important to maintain your car within the scheduled service intervals recommended in your owners manual, keep the records of your service history and if you are ever involved in an accident, confirm that the parts being used to fix your car are GM approved.

The peace of mind that comes from ownership of a new Cadillac is only enhanced by knowing that you are being covered by one of the best new car warranties available.

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