Premium Pickup & Delivery Resource Guide


Cadillac’s Premium Pickup and Delivery is designed to promote a seamless dealership experience. This service offers the opportunity to enjoy home/office delivery of your new vehicle. When it is time for maintenance, you can choose to  have Atlantic Cadillac pick up your vehicle and, if desired, leave a Cadillac courtesy vehicle. We will also be sure to provide timely updates keep you informed of your vehicle’s status. 

2020 Grey XT5 Parked Outside

From its earliest beginnings, owning a Cadillac has always represented something special and truly unique. In addition to its exceptional lineup of cars and SUVs that make everyone feel that they have arrived, Cadillac provides a level of service that customers have come to expect.
Premium Pickup and Delivery offers customers:

  • Respect and preservation of customer’s time
  • Convenient updates (through phone, email or text messages)
  • A returned vehicle that is serviced and cleaned
  • Effortless and seamless dealership experience
  • Trust, convenience and transparency

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