My Cadillac Rewards

January 9th, 2021 by

Today we’re talking about the newest Owner Loyalty program from Cadillac; the My Cadillac Rewards Program. This program rewards you with points for your transactions at the dealership like service visits, parts, accessories or the purchase of a new Cadillac. If you recently purchased a new Cadillac you were rewarded with 20,000 points, the equivalent of $100 to spend any way you want at the dealer.

The best way to see your points is on the myCadillac app but the best way to redeem them is on:, where you can see your point balance, view all the things you can use your points for and redeem the points by generating a voucher.

For those who want to know the best way to use your points to purchase accessories for their new Cadillac, I have a tip- First go to and choose the “Shopping” tab, you’ll see Accessories listed there, click on it and a screen will open for you to put in some info to identify your model, when you finish a full list of all the accessories available for your specific car will open up. From there you can select what you want, order it online and apply your points to your purchase.

The great thing about the points is they don’t expire, if you don’t use them for a service visit or to purchase accessories they will still be there when its time for a shiny new Cadillac!

Any questions regarding the Cadillac Rewards program leave a comment below and we will get back to you asap.

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