Getting to know Onstar

January 4th, 2021 by

Onstar was first offered in three Cadillac models in 1966, twenty five years ago!

Over time they have added features and updated how it works. Lets look at today’s Onstar and some ways it can benefit your driving experience.

The following is a list of current Onstar Plans with their available features:

Connected Access:  Enables you to remotely start your car and lock/unlock from your phone; get regular updates on your vehicles health and you can set up an appointment for regularly scheduled service as well as see the location of you car on a map.

Remote Access:  All the features of Connected Access as well as, the ability to take Amazon Alexa with you on the road and have access to your own 4G LTE Hotspot that can connect up to seven devices to the internet.

Safety & Security:  Automatic Crash response means a specialized advisor will contact you to assist and stay with you until help arrives in the event of a crash; Crisis Assist will give you access to an advisor 24/7 to provide assistance during severe weather, any natural disaster or other crisis which may arise. Stolen Vehicle Assist is where an OnStar Advisor can notify authorities with your vehicle’s location through its GPS technology, Stolen Vehicle Slowdown can be used to remotely slow your vehicle (when authorities confirm conditions are safe), and activate Remote Ignition Block to prevent your vehicle from being restarted.

If you have any questions about what you have in your car or how to utilize the features, please leave a comment below and we will respond asap!

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